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We are the top nadi astrologers in Delhi who provide predictions and reveal the person's destiny in the most accurate order. We provide the self-reflection of one's past, present, and future so they can understand themselves better and take action according to it.These are written down in palm leaves in the Tamil language and are called the Nadi Granthas. We bring our years of experience in Nadi Jyotish in Delhi and validate a person's self-concept of living life with certainty. Our purpose at Nadi Jyotish Kendra Delhi is to guide the Person to accomplish their life desires.

At Agastya Nadi Jyotish Delhi Nadi, our reading is a comprehensive and guided task to receive the predestined time reading noted in the Nadi leaf. To find the leaf, we at nadhi JyothiDham search and provide carefully stored leaves using some questions and the unique thumbprint to guide the person, including the Nadi astrology by date of birth. As there are ways to find the nadi, you can also opt for an online option to examine the explanations and rituals for your remedies. At present, you can opt for any of the opportunities as we have a team of knowledgeable people who will instruct and guide based on the thumb impression astrology in Delhi, which is admired by many & the Nadi reading will be sent to you.

By providing predictions on Nadi astrology online calls. You have to stay home, and the recording will be sent to you by email. In case you want one on one predictions with our experienced astrologer, you will receive a copy of your birth chart and audio CD for the complete astrology reading at our Nadi Kendra in Delhi.

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● We provide instant access to people all over the world

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What is Nadi shastra ?

The Rishi or the sages wrote the Nadi shastra. The seven rishis include the - Vyasa,Bhogar,Vasishta,Valmiki,Kaushika,Agasthya andBhrighu. These Nadi Granthas are manuscripts divided into 16 kandams or chapters. All the chapters give details about the particular family happenings, prosperity, bad habits, associations, spiritual inclinations, and so many things to get an overview of one's life.

Our Nadi shastra Delhi astrologers provide knowledge about the destinies of souls and the cycle of reincarnation. We provide Nadi astrology predictions analysis most proficiently for interpreting the verses of the Nadi leaves. We identify the correct leaf to make accurate predictions of the future in the most specific manner.

What are the Predictions and role of Nadi astrology ?

These predictions are read on the palm leaf as mentioned, and it gives the person the contemplation about his karmic struggles and how to overcome situations with many solutions.Our best Nadi astrologer in Delhi provides the proper guidance based on our experience and solutions to motivate the person and bring tremendous results. Predicting future happenings and interpreting Nadi leaves differently offer accurate predictions. The people should also believe that the palm leaves will never be incorrect as it is decided by the lord Shiva. That's why reading these leaves helps them get spiritual instructions and acquire the soulful purpose to shape their lives in the long run. Every person suffers because of their actions in the past, and this needs to be overcome, which is why we discover the soul power and the ability to save one destiny.

Nadi jyotisham - a mystical branch of the Vedic astrology

This mysterious branch of Nadi astrology predictions provides information about the divine seeking to interpret the soul's past, present, and future. As these are broken into chapters generally, people will get chapters 1,13, and 14 for their general overview. This is how they can identify their most significant difficulties and remedies to remove them.You can also get it about the specific areas of your life and get many particular questions to be answered.

Classification of Nadi astrology

Nadi JyothiDham has been classified or segregated by rishis or sages. It includes a popular list of nadi's.

● Shiva nadi

● Visvamitra nadi.

● Bogar nadi

● Pulipani nadi

● Agasthiya nadi

● Suka nadi

● Kaushika nadi.

● Brahma Nadi.

● Sukra nadi

● Guru nadi

● Dhruva nadi

Prediction Can be Persued In

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Sivanadi Astrology

  • Written by Sivavakkiyar
  • Leaves Rare to Find
  • Customers Favorite
online nadi astrology reading

Agasthya Nadi Astrology

  • Written by Agasthyar
  • Cost Effective
  • Much Older Leaves

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An experienced astrologer in your nearest branch will do the prediction one by one and provide you with a copy of your birth chart as well as a CD of the prediction and also send your prediction to your Email Address.

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Online Nadi Reading

A video or audio call is conducted with the comfort of staying at home while a recording is sent to your email id, so it is extremely important to provide your Astrologer with your current email address in order to receive your predictions on time.

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