Nadi Astrology

What is Nadi Astrology ?

Nadi astrology is also known as a miracle. It is completely based on theosophical movements and scientific and mathematical calculations. It is purely defined by the super divine powers whereas some of the other astrology is not. Nadi astrology only requires a thumb impression of the seeker whereas other astrology requires their birth details to predict their future. Astrologers predict one’s future through sacred palm leaves in Nadi Astrology. This astrology just only requires your thumb impressions, which is why it is very much popular. Other astrology includes scrutinization and calculations based on birth charts, where the planetary positions of someone are analyzed. Nadi astrologers or palm leaf readers interpret the scriptures written by Maharishis and Siddhas. They can not afford to do predictions on their own whereas other astrologers do things on their own. Nadi astrology gives solutions to correct the particular negative aspects of the seeker. Other astrologers give solutions based on planetary doshas.

Astrology and its Branch Nadi Astrology

Have some knowledge about astrology but want to know more. Normally, it is the study and movements influencing the natural world. It is a very celestial subject. Its roots are expanded through various methodologies and adopted practices. Every type of astrology has its fair share of complications and limitations. Astrology is an angelic thing that is used to provide guidelines regarding individuals’ futures and fortunes. As we know destiny can not be avoided or altered. But the beauty of astrology is that someone can change his or her destiny with the help of astrology.

The Role of an Astrologer

An astrologer plays an essential role in the life of individuals. An astrologer must have profound knowledge of various methods regarding astrology. It all depends on the concerned astrologer. An astrologer teaches how to be comfortable and get by the future. He measures the drawbacks of one’s life and teaches him or her how to overcome them

Why do Predictions Go Wrong Sometimes?

If someone is blessed with all the good fortunes at the time of his or her birth, things still can be turned unfavorable. The reasons are the sins and the curses of past birth. It is explained by Nadi astrology and when talking about other astrologers’ wrong predictions can be an indication of the lack of deep analysis. It can be the cause of proper methodology because seep analyses are a vital part of astrology. That is why analyses should be done carefully.

The Bottom Line

Astrology is a big range of sacred practices since the 18th century. This is the reason that there are different types of astrology and different types of astrology have different types of methods. They are serving human beings with their well-being and their welfare. They are connected to the divine blessings of the almighty. They are twin scientific astrology in true spiritual senses and nothing else.

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